Santa came a little early this year!


Santa came a little early this year!

Santa came a little early this year!

As the door to our office rang this morning, I jumped out of my chair in the same motion that you would see in a child on Christmas day. I knew my Google Glasses were arriving today.

Among my close friends, I am always known as the weird one that LOVES all tech gadgets and toys. I remember when I begged my parents for days to buy me Sony’s newest CD player, then I migrated to Mini CD player (remember those?), then slowly onto cell phones and eventually smartphones. But today, the increments in which I need to buy a new toy is becoming more and more frequent. This may become very heavy on my wallet, but as an experience designer, I am truly happy for and proud of this technological evolution that I have the privilege of experiencing.

I opened my package and to my wonderful surprise, Google has really upped the packaging experience. Every effort I made to unravel the box was truly a positive experience. The way that the Glass and the complimentary frames came together in 2 boxes, along with all the accessories were just beautiful. The pouch, the earpiece were just a cherry on the top.

I wore my Glasses (I am beginning to think that I should name her) to Chipotle at my lunch break in order to break into them. In all honesty, it is a bit too invasive and I really wish that the glass were more integrated with the rest of the Glasses, but overall, I think that I am slowly beginning to feel comfortable with them. Also, I am sympathetic that it is a very first attempt and as we all see in a product’s life cycle, I am hopeful that the following versions will learn from their previous ones.

The Glasses definitely collected a lot of attention, the gentlemen at Chipotle were asking a lot of questions regarding the glasses and were quite fascinated by them. I asked Glasses for today’s weather and it was very smooth at assisting me with my request. It led me to say a very natural ‘Thank you, Glasses”, which tells me that it was a good experience.

I plan to spend the next few days becoming more acquainted with them and will keep reporting about my experience with my Glasses. If you have any questions for comments, please feel free to add below.


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