We are looking for MID level iOS developers


We are looking for MID level iOS developers

We are looking for MID level iOS developers

We are looking for MID level developers who specializes in iOS. The mobile developer will be responsible for overseeing the development of the mobile products that Rare Animal produces as well as being highly involved in ensuring the development guidelines. The position will report directly to the president of the company so this role will be highly exposed to seniority and growth.


* Experience with iOS, Objective C or Cocoa Touch

* 2+ years experience in mobile application development

* Fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, and problem solving s

* Good visual design aesthetic and creative drive with a passion for user experience

* A passion for great user experiences across users of all ages

* Incredible work ethic

* The desire to produce great code


* Experience with iOS Core Graphics and Core Data

* Experience with modern server-side technologies (Python, Django, Mongodb, Celery, Redis, etc)

* Experience with web development technologies (i.e.Javascript, JQuery, Boostrap, AngularJS, Backbone)

* Experience with Android development


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